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    Regardless of whether you watch Scandal or not, everyone needs to watch this and see Lisa Kudrow fucking nail her scene exploiting misogyny and sexism.


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    Hotel Sahrai - Fes, Morocco

    Created by French designer Christophe Pillet, Hotel Sahrai is an exquisite 50-room property perched in the hills overlooking the UNESCO-listed Medina of Fes. And although the style is refreshingly contemporary, the tasteful design with its grandiose arches, marble-paved public spaces, and discreet yet elaborately carved walls, retains all the magic and majesty of the Arab world. The hotel’s modern rooms and suites come with exquisite glass-walled bathrooms and sumptuous fabrics in soft shades and textures. Additional amenities include a luxurious Givenchy spa, a panoramic infinity pool, and a lovely choice of eating and drinking venues.



  4. "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."
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  5. Shot roulette #ohdear #freshers #messy

  6. Race The Tube - Sprint

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    Top 10 Rooftop Bars

    Sitting on top of some of the world’s most exquisite hotels, and serving up sweeping vistas along with creative cocktails, the following rooftop bars are sure to blow your mind.

    1. Baba Nest, Phuket
    2. Aer Lounge, Mumbai
    3. The Refinery Rooftop, NYC
    4. Awan Lounge, Jakarta
    5. La Piscine, NYC
    6. Terrat, Barcelona
    7. Naumi Rooftop Bar, Singapore
    8. 67 Sky Lounge Bar, Forte dei Marmi
    9. Sky Bar, Barcelona
    10. Skye Rooftop Bar, Sao Paulo
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    American influence. 

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    A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman for Vogue September 2014

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    british people are so fucking cute

    they called christmas lights ‘fairy lights’

    they called sweaters ‘jumpers’

    sneakers are ‘trainers’

    they say ‘you alright/you ok’ instead of ‘how are you’

    i quit

    fuck off you condescending twat

    Most British sentence I’ve ever heard

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    Jacey Dupries-damselindior

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    Necklaces shop at  www.cost21.com
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